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Snow Wheel System Inc. was established in 1980, by Ethan Koch and R. M. Olson.
Ethan worked at the Martin County Hwy. Dept. as the shop supervisor. He observed the high cost in shoes and cutting edges on the snow plows. In 1976, Ethan started designing heavy duty wheels for the plows.

In 1980, Ethan and Bob started manufacturing and marketing wheels and brackets for snow plows and blowers. These wheels replaced the shoes and would carry 100% of the weight of the plow. The wheels were built and redesigned until they would last the life of the plow or longer. This provided a consistent height from the road to the cutting edge. The cutting edge did not wear as it did with the shoes and also allowed proper height for the plow to keep the gravel on the road. These wheels can be adapted to almost every plow or blower on the market today. These wheels will also reduce downtime, wear and tear on the truck and plow, and conserve fuel.
In January of 2000, Eugene Koch (Ethan's son) purchased the company from them. Ethan, to this day still helps with the business.

We at Snow Wheel System Inc. are proud of our products and we guarantee them.